Knowledge is everything and there is never enough of it!

Above sentence most accurately describes what we do and what our main product is: knowledge and intellectual services. If your company won a large and complex project or service order, which it cannot accomplish with its own resources, and you don't want to hire additional staff to develop, for example, the technical design documentation for one of your products or services, you could be potential user of our services.

In most of the cases it would be difficult and expensive to hire an expert who would be used only from time to time on more complex tasks. Using our services, you will get the knowledge and expertise and pay for it only when you truly need them.

Among our associates there are recognized scientists and highly experienced experts capable to resolve, on their own or within a team, even the most complex problems currently in the area of mechanical engineering, and in a near future other areas such as electrical engineering, civil engineering or IT related services.

During our work we take care not only about technical aspects but also on economic and legal aspect of the solution for your problems and issues in close cooperation with legal and business experts.


Main areas in which we provide our services are:

- preparation of the technical design documentation

- different calculations in the area of mechanical engineering

- business plan and feasibility study preparation

- consulting

- organisation of seminars and conferences.


Become user of our services

In order to become a user of our services please register by filling the form on this web site. After registration you will be allowed to submit the request for services.


Become our associate

If you would like to become our associate please register by filling the form on this web site. After registration you will be eligible to take part in providing our services to our users and to be adequately paid for it.

Under the term „associate” we mean both physical and legal persons.